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Strategic Production and Distribution Facilities

MPL has corporate offices in the United States and Mexico and has strategically located production facility partners throughout North America.

Agave Wine Making Process


Agave Cooking

We take highland 100% blue weber agave and cut into four pieces so the “pines” cook evenly. The total cook time is 12-14 hours. Each of the three autoclaves can cook approximately 20 tons.


Milling / Extraction

After cooking the agave, the juice is pressed out in mills and then transferred to the fermentation tanks.



The fermentation process is one of our secrets, we use our own proprietary yeast and USDA organic agave for this process which takes 72 hours to complete.



At our two partner distilleries in Tequila Mexico, we distill a proprietary tequila formula made from 100% Blue Weber agave.



We pioneered the process of fortifying our organic blue agave wine with our 100% agave tequila making a very special finished 24% ABV 100% de Agave Wine.


Blending and Bottling

The 24% ABV wine is then blended with real lime juice, all natural flavors and pure cane sugar and bottled into one of our finished margarita packages.

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